Monday, February 25, 2008


This weekend was pretty dees. We went out to Illinois and at the world famous Grape Leaves. We got some babaganoush and we each had a falafel sandwhich. My dad joined us and he dined on some heavenly falafel. I dont know how many points it was, but it was probably alot, so we kept it low key for dinner and just had a big salad and some tuna sushi from whole foods. We also finished off almost an entire bottle of wine.
Sunday morning was one of my first buffett experiences since we started and I think it went swimmingly. I only had one plate, honest i did. I also had some orange juice, actually alot of orange juice. We didnt really keep track of points but I didnt have any donuts or bagels, just some fruit, eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage and french toast and still kept that pretty light. I was stuffed so we walked around brookfield zoo for a couple hours before finally heading home. I had to pick up a skinny mocha latte from starbucks so I didn't doze off on the way home. For dinner we had salads with a little bit of chicken breast. A light dinner to offset the massively heavy brunch we had.
This morning I had my yogurt/cereal and for lunch I ate a healthy choice meal, i think it was pot roast. I was feeling good until after lunch, now I feel full and haggard. We're going to hit up costco again tonight to grab some vitamin water and probably some more yogurt. Maggie is going to make Quinoa for dinner and I'm going to go home and do as much laundry as I possibly can.