Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fiber + Onions = The Deadliest Combination

Maggie made some onion rings last night. But she made them tasty and healthy using ground up fiber one cereal for the breading, then baking them. Super tasty and only 1 gram of fat for 15 rings! Though I am sitting on ticking timebomb.

I also officialy passed 50 pounds yesterday. 50.6 to be exact. I feel pretty good about myself and I'm super proud of Maggie as well. She bought really hot new shirt last week. Man, it's really hot. I told her so last night. Maybe she'll buy another, or wear it more often, because, honestly: smokin. She'll probably yell at me for typing that here.

I'm gonna have some left over onion rings and salad for lunch. So i'll probably be tootin' for a good while.