Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I went to the doctor's today at i was told that since I was there last, I've lost 30 pounds. 340, 6 months ago. Today my official weigh in was 310. w00t!

In addition to that: This weekend I bought TWO, count'em, TWO new comic book inspired t-shirts, which I will more than likely grace theses pages with hot shot model images of, because not only am I skinnier, I'm now sexier. No, I probably won't because I'm still a fat ass, and the 2X's I bought are like 1 inch from fitting right, and I'm keeping them as inspiration.

So I'm pretty happy right now, I probaly could have knocked another pound off had I taken a bigger shit before I went to doctor, but I'm okay with it. The next celebration will commence when I've reached 299. Because I haven't been under 300 in about 5 years. My tummy is jiggling its so happy!