Thursday, April 10, 2008

John Ridley is a Stupid Dickface

This guy is a stupid dickface that completely ignores the issue. It isn't about fat people whining. It isn't about fat people wanted to be thrown onto the same card as blacks, gays and jews. What its about is general cultural misunderstanding and disrespect.
It can be narrowed to a number of different issues as to why America is so fat. But its ignorant and naive to suggest that its all at the fault of the individual. Which is the exact misunderstanding, bordering on stupidity, that I'm talking about.
I can attribute my "fatness" to a number of different issues, and then i'll show you how I resolved those personally, and how others might find it difficult to resolve the same issues:

1. I ate alot.
I resolved this issue by, simple, not eating so much. But I only did so with the positive reenforcement of family and friends, most importantly my fiance. If I didn't have that positive reenforcement, I can see it being EXTREMELY difficult to lose the weight I've lost.

2. I ate the wrong foods.
I resolved this issue by, once again fairly simply, eating better foods. I did this because I have money and access to the correct and nutritious foods that have helped me lose weight. Despite what John Ridley might think, not everyone in the world as access to or can afford to shop at Whole Foods Market. Not to mention that not everything is world is intrinsically good for you. sure eight Big Macs are a bad idea, but you know what, so is one Big Mac. Not to mention that not everyone in the world is informed as to what is bad for you. With all the marketing dollars shoved into shit food like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, Chips Ahoy, Oreos and Doritos, is it that hard to imagine that most of America assumes that the above mentioned are their only options fo sustenance?
As an example go to Oak Park, IL west of Austin Ave. Affluent and ripe with boutique diners for vegans and those with wide and varied palettes. Just a few blocks east of that what do you see? Adds for Subway, Church's Chicken, Bud Light, KFC and other number of terribly terribly bad for you foods. Think about the type of people who live west of Austin: Affluent and white. Now think about the people who live east of Austin: Poor and black. Who in that mix do you think has more opportunities to eat healthily? Whose fault is it? Is it the black kids fault because he doesn't have the gusto to walk a couple a blocks to get his Free-Range Organic Chicken Wrap?

Those are the two biggest obstacles to eating healthily in todays society and at all levels it takes a special kind of person to ignore alot of what we are force fed on a daily basis from commercials and billboards. Not everyone is as iron-willed as John Ridley to ignore the institutionalized acceptance of the obese but at the same time abhor their physical presence. Think about how the food industry would collapse if we were all shining beacons of personal responsibily like John Ridley. They'd just have to stop making twinkies and ding-dongs and lay potato chips because no one would buy them anymore. No one would drink Slurpees or super-size anything. No one would get 2 hots dogs for the price of one, and certainly no one would eat more than their fair share at an all-you can eat buffet.

John Ridley, you're a stupid dickface.

How to Lose 4 Pounds in 2 Days

Lots of Diarrhea, and lots of vomitting. I wouldn't suggest either.

On a side note, i'm officially under 300 pounds. Which was recorded 2 days before I got sick. As of last weigh in, I'm 294.3 lbs.