Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm spiritually exhausted and as a result, my weight loss as slowed a bit. I just have to work harder is all. We're getting married in 57 days and thats enough time to get down to 250, which was the goal, when this started. it'll be tough going, but i think i can do it.

when i say spiritually exhausted, i mean it, i'm in such a general funk right now. mostly concernign work and money, and when those things bother you, its hard to forget about them considering how important they are. its lame, i know, and typical. but its tough to not let them bother you.

thankfully maggie is extremely patient and is giving me the benefit of the doubt as far as that is concerned, but i don't want to wear out her patience. i'd like some really good news, really soon.