Wednesday, March 5, 2008

15 Pounds!

I've been pretty good for the past week. No solid complaints. Though, Mary is making Shepherds Pie tomorrow so that guarantees me a light lunch, because I loves me some Shepherds Pie. Mmmmm.

Maggie has been rocking the healthy cooking tip for a while now. Last week she made ultra-tasty Quinoa and Sundried Tomatoes. Then the other day she rocked some Polenta and Salmon. Fuck, I feel like I'm living with Emeril Lagasse, except a girl, and alot prettier.

It really helps having someone to do this with you, it honestly does. If Maggie and I weren't tag teaming this shit, I'm almost positive I wouldn't have come this far. 15 POUNDS ALREADY! I can't believe I've lost that much. I'm about a week or two away from needing new pants. My pants have nearly fallen down twice at work this week.

I also had a talk with Dr. Vega about being creatively stifled. He says I just gotta do it. Just get out there and do it. And today I did. It's great to be creating for yourself, i feel like it gives me power of some kind. Like when Superman charges himself by flying past the clouds into direct line with the sun. (I make alot of DC references on here, but it should be known that I'm a Marvel man through and through)

So for the most part, no complaints. I still do want to eat a bunch of cake and I would love to scarf down a whopper right now, but I won't, because not only am I better than that, but Maggie would probably be mad at me, and Lord knows she doesn't need anymore reasons to be mad at me.