Friday, April 4, 2008

Prepare For Glory

I weight myself the other day: 300.6 pounds.

Thats me in the red cape. The ninjas are fat cells. I am murdalizing them.
300. I haven't been at that weight in years. Probably since high school. I bought new pants last week at Wal-Mart for 9 dollars. And it sort of seems like they're already too big on me. But what I think the real problem is, is that I have a fat stomach. My fat stomach is slowly being murdalized away by my hal jordan-ness and as a result, its starting to droop like a 39 year old D-cup hippie. So, I can't really pull my pants up as as high as i'd like to. so I'm kind of rocking some low-riders right now and I'm really self concious everytime I bend over because I have feeling my ass crack might pop out. I have a feeling that by the time Florida rolls around (2 months!) It's girth will be reduced significantly.
Today is also maggie and I's negative one/half wedding anniversary. 6 months. Yowza. I'm pretty excited. Especially since I'll be all sexy and skinny.
I also set a new goal for myself to get down to an XL by the end of July. So'z I can wear my free Dark Knight shirt when I go see Dark Knight on the IMAX. You'd think they'd make a couple XXL's when they're handing out shirts at the comic-con. Gimme a break people.