Thursday, May 15, 2008

Looking Good, Plenty Tight

I haven't posted in a while, but thats okay. I haven't really done much on the weight front worth mentioning over the past month-ish or so. Until last night.

You see, Maggie works for a wonder lady by the name of Robin. Robin is a high-end wedding photographer in Chicago, and Maggie is her assistant. Robin is SUPER-NICE and is photographing our wedding on the cheap, the really really cheap. Which is really really nice and cool of her. So, she wants to do an "engagement session" with us (which is funny, because we've been engaged for almost 3 years, so its more of an "when the eff are you guys getting married? session") (october 4th, if you were wondering). Anyhoo, it just so happens that both of our schedules became free for tomorrow and we're going to shoot the pictures then. As a result, I needed to get some new pants, because my current 9 dollar Wal-Mart Jeans kind of look like shit and wouldn't really be good to be photographed in.
You see, since we've been dropping weight like Jay-Z used to push it, I've been kind of uncomfortable with buying expensive clothes, because I plan on loosing more weight, so i don't want to waste money on jeans that i won't be able to wear in 2 months. But since Maggie is cool beans, and I don't want to looks like a farmer in our pictures, I decided the right thing to do was to hunker down and by some fly denims.
So we went to Target last night and I hit the clearance section first, natch. And lo and behold, a pair of Merona Boot Cuts pops up and i'm in love and IT WAS ON SALE (i had planned on spending a minimum of 30 dollars on new jeans, which is a stretch for me, but I instead spent 12 , score)
I tried them on in the fitting room and let me tell you, them shits in the hottest pair of clothing i've ever owned. For realsies. Like, super hot. Basically, I feel like I'm on fire while i'm wearing them, but in a good way. Maggie likes them alot as well, but doesn't have nearly as big of a boner for them as I do. Which is strange I suppose, that I find myself more attractive than my fiance does, but whatever, that whole other post on wholly different blog.