Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 Things

2 things have occured recently that I think are monumental in my epic journey to lose weight. I'm officially past the 60 pound mark, which is nice. But I'm still fat, so 60 pounds was kind of a drop in a bucket. Theres actually another thing that happened that i'm not going to share on a public forum because I don't want someone researching me on the internet to read about it and ask me about later or something, so be happy with this:

  1. I fit into an X-Large shirt. Which is uncanny to me. I'm not able to just pick up any XL and put it on, but i've done so with a few shirts, including the new XL Hanes Undershirts I had to buy because my 2X ones are starting to look like dresses. I haven't worn an XL since 7th grade. Seriously. That was like 13 years ago.
  2. I fit in size 38 jeans. This also has not happened since 7th grade. Back when I was 12, i was at least 225, minimum, but I was also a couple inches shorter, so i was little more stout. Unlike the the lithe animal I am now (har har har). 38 was sort of the end that I had decided in my mind, because I thought I would have to lose 100 pounds to get there, but apparently 60 is fine for that, so i'm gonna keep going, past 250, and hopefully to at least 199. Which would be epic.

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