Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 So Far = Weak Sauce

So I've still yet to break 260. The past few months have been hectic to say the least. In addition to all the moving, getting married, getting a new job stress i've yet to put forth a solid plan for financial recovery. I've been sort of a dick with credit cards and as a result, me paying off my massive debt prohibits me from financially participating in important things like saving for an eventual house, or even paying certain bills that maggie and i have. As a result of the boatload of depressing financial bullshit, I've not been totally faithful in regards to watching what I'm eating. But the first step to feeling better is getting better and so far, nothing ridiculous this week as far as overindulging or extra snacking is concerned.

It's amazing how fucking much I convince myself I need. I need those chips. I need that fucking hamburger, but as each day goes by I miss it less and less. So now that the marriage and job and moving thing is taken care of, my number one remaining stressor (other than still being a fat ass) is all about the cash-yeah.

I'm not totally sure where to go from here. I'm personally working on my nutrition and food and everything to the best of my ability. So i'm at least on some sort of recognizable track with that. But the money thing is just nuts and totally fucking staggering to think about. It hurts my brain.

First thing, saving. I need to get back into saving. I saved a whole lot for the wedding and still paid my bills on time so now that I'm making nearly twice as much, I think if i pretend that theres still some large event to save for, then I will save. If only for emergencies, if not for some definate goal i.e. a house, vacation, whatevs.

Second, REDUCE MY DEBT. I'm paying boatloads of interest right now and i'm working on transferring a few balances around so i can pay more towards principle and not so much towards the interest. This is probably the second times i've done the balance transfer thing and it didn't work out the last time because i'm a fucking dummy. It sort of has to work out this time because I couldn't possibly feel anymore like a tool about it than i already do.

Third, SPEND RESPONSIBLY. I caved and bought Dark Knight on Blu-Ray last week, but I swear to god that was my first borderline irresponsible purchase in months. I also got two new video games for christmas and those will totally keep me busy for a while. Anyways, just don't buy a bunch of stupid bullshit is all i'm saying. I've done decently with that for a while (though we could probably spend less on going out to eat than we do now), and i just have to keep it up. Less money for bullshit equals more money towards debt.

So yea. Eat Better. Spend Better. Major Goals, not just for 2009, but for the rest of my life.

Special thanks should go to Maggie for putting up with a Hobo for a husband.

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Maggie DeRolf said...

you need a new profile picture fatty.